August 6, 2013

Glowing Eyes follow Mars Rover Curiosity on its way to Mount Sharp - Aug 6, 2013

Currently Mars Rover Curiosity is on its way to Mount Sharp.

A few days ago, NASA released a new interesting image: PIA17083: Curiosity Sol 343.

The composite photo shows some interesting objects / anomalies. Here are the enlarged pictures:

1. Creature -Glowing Eyes

2. Walking Creature

3. Artefact

4. Skeleton

5. Skeleton

6. Artefact 

As always you decide...


  1. The Walking Creature looks like a Duck.

  2. There is a pond just over the horizon, behind the eyes where there are many ducks, geese and loons. This is NASA slowly leaking that Mars is teaming with life? They have airbrushed most of the other wildlife in the composite as to not show the numbers and diversity of species. The off planet military personnel hunt and fish and eat numerous Martian species. It is a requirement for survival on the planet!

  3. The hole is the only evidence that I see of artifice.
    it is a dead give away of tell tale ancient culture.
    It is also a repeated anomaly.

  4. too many pictures of mars life and artifacts lately; that its impossible not to believe any of it. makes me feel angry at nasa for not telling us the truth.